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Elaine is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story. She was born into an unstable home environment in the South Bronx "many moons and suns" ago. A Sephardic Jew of Greek parentage, she spent a few of her childhood years in a Catholic convalescent home for medical reasons. This interdenominational upbringing set the stage for a life of tolerance, acceptance and devotion to a "higher calling".

Elaine is a not only a mother and a grandmother to her own children, she is also mother, grandmother, friend, confidente, mentor and inspiration to an enormous extended family whose lives she has touched in a myriad of ways. As co-Founder of the Eyes of Learning Inc., an all volunteer metaphysical teaching and learning non-profit based in Hicksville, NY, Elaine has selflessly devoted more than 20 years of her life to gently guiding countless others towards a greater knowing and understanding of their own special intuitive gifts. She was recently awarded a commemorative plaque by the Board of Directors of the Eyes of Learning for the many years of volunteer service she has performed for the organization.


.In addition to raising her family, Elaine has held many well regarded positions in the business world including comptroller of a Long Island based corporation, President of Parents Without Partners - Nassau chapter, Director of Singles and Couples Services and ran many support groups at the Mid Island Y in Plainview NY. Elaine also developed the concept for a Bereavemtent Support Center for which she received a Regional award. The program been copied and perpetuated by other Y's New York. Elaine has also lectured nationally at Borders Books locations in New York, Florida, California, Hawaii and Nevada.

While always willing to help others to discover and develop their many gifts, Elaine has always remained humble and very quiet about her private life. This website, and its' article titled "I See Beyond Their Eyes", represents the first public acknowledgements Elaine has ever made about the existence of her own intuitive abilities. There is so much more to come...


Created with Elaine's Divinely Inspired words of wisdom:


Elaine to be Featured in Two Books

April 24, 2008, Hicksville, NY   There's so much in store for Elaine! She has finally agreed to have someone author not one but two books about her extraodinary life. One, titled "Lessons from the Circle of Knowledge", recounts a very specific period of several years when Elaine was just beginning to discover and uncover the depth and scope of her incredible intuitive talents and her soul's mission on this planet. The second book, an autobiograpy titled "I've Come a Long Way from Crying", will tell you more about Elaine's background and all the struggles in her life that have brought her to where she is today. That's just the beginning. Now that this intensely private person has expressed a willingness to share some details of her life, you can look forward to discovering the treasure trove of workshops, articles and letters she has been collecting over the years. So much more to come...

Note: By virture of this announcement dated Aril 24, 2008 and in concert with the legal protections afforded under US copyright and patent law, we hereby copyright both book titles "I've Come a Long Way from Crying" and "Lessons from the Circle of Knowledge" exclusively for use by Lee Keil in detailing the contents stated above.

"Elaine Resnik ... is an incredible talent, well experienced and knowing of the
spiritual modalities and themes and a terrific teacher." P.M.H. Atwater (2005)

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