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Quotes from letters to Elaine:

  • "In an age of promotion and profitability where countless metaphysics books, seminars and TV shows are all the rage, Elaine Resnik stands alone. Volunteering for the last 24 years at the Not-for-profit Metaphysical learning center that she co-founded and giving free lectures across the country demonstrate the genuine and heartfelt commitment she has to helping others. Her words, whether they are of life experiences, personal wisdom or divinely inspired are pure and nutritious and offered without ego or agenda. Elaine is a true gift." Joe R. 2007

  • "I read your story...and was both moved and uplifted by it. You are a motivation to me, a beautiful light that shows by example how we can manifest God's love. Even with your doubts and fears, you knew by sharing your experiences, others may grow and learn from them." - Gloria C. 2004

  • "You have been blessed with a great gift from the Creator...to bring clarity...to the lives of individuals who are struggling in darkness. Your gift is the ability...of quick insight...without heavy intellectual reasoning. You quickly can sense the meaning, purpose or disposition of the human heart, mind and soul...you can see, smell, taste, hear and feel intuitively." - Hassan 1983

  • "Thank you so much for all you have done for me in the past year or so. Without this newfound spirituality and love for metaphysics, I would not have the amount of faith in my life today needed for so many things. You and metaphysics have influenced my life in so many ways. I am better in school, more aware of my surroundings, and overall I am happier and well. The Eyes of Learning and you have provided this newfound faith for me to believe in and understand. Even when things get tough, I know that it is just a speck on the big picture. Without you consequently coming into my life, I have no idea where I would be today, but I’m assure I would not be as in a good place as I am today. Thank You." - David S. 2005

A Loving Tribute to Elaine:

Dear Elaine,

Like a Mother with her children,
you nurtured as they grew.
Always listening carefully
to the part of you that "knew".
We applaud the sight you've always had
the way you persevered
to make your visions come alive
and for this you are revered.

You've spent a long time giving
of the gifts you did receive
and helped many more to understand
things they could not perceive.
You've held our hands, you've held your ground,
you've opened many doors
including one you hid behind,
but it never stopped your cause.

Through your eyes it all began
we owe our thanks to you
for friendships and for all the love
in everything you do.
We thank you for your foresight
and for fighting all your fears
to bring us The Eyes of Learning
for over twenty years.

We celebrate and honor all you are and all you've done
the work's been so rewarding - it's been a lot of fun.
It's with many loving hearts we come to you today
but words seem so inadequate, no matter what we say.

Thank You Elaine and Happy Birthday
We love you

- Phyllis C. 2005
(A beautiful framed copy of this poem was presented to Elaine
as part of the same recognition dinner when she received
this commemorative plaque.)

A Special Poem to Elaine:

My Heart Has Wings

My heart has wings and my soul can fly.
A song sang to me, and only me,
the strength, the beauty, the wisdom of the wind. The strenghth of the sea.
I am all of these things.
I am at one with the world.
I loose myself in a day, sometimes an hour,
but all is never really lost.
All of our hearts have wings and we fly
together. We all have hopes, as well as
dreams. So, listen to the wind
and never give up!

-Evan C. (written to celebrate
National Teacher Day 2005)

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